Film Halation Pro + Bloom for Final Cut Pro
Film Halation Pro + Bloom for Final Cut Pro

Film Halation Pro + Bloom for Final Cut Pro

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Film Halation Pro + Bloom for Final Cut Pro

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Your New Favourite Plugin

"Film Halation Pro + Bloom" is a powerful halation emulation tool with built in bloom plugin for Final Cut Pro that can add a vintage and dreamy feel to your footage that was previously only achievable if you were shooting on analogue film. This powerful plugin pack gives your footage a unique look that stands out with a realistic nostalgic touch.

Adapts To Lighting Scenarios

Powerful and intuitive customization makes this plugin perfect for any footage and also comes loaded with a bonus 6x vintage tools to help give your footage that organic film feel in a matter of clicks.

Easy To Use For All Shooters

Whether you're shooting on a high-end camera or your smartphone, this Halation emulator can add that dreamy, romantic atmosphere that filmmakers search for. 

No steep learning curves, just drag and drop.

Why use a Halation and Bloom emulator? 

Filmmakers who shoot on analogue film get the much sought-after Halation and Bloom effect naturally, thanks to the amazing organic properties of film. However, with the rise of digital cameras, this effect has been lost. But now, with the Film Halation Pro + Bloom emulator by FCPX Full Access, you can bring back that beautiful, vintage look to any footage you capture digitally.


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Top Gun Halation emulator effect final cut pro

Download comes with step-by-step install instructions.

System Requirements:
- Plugin requires Final Cut Pro Version 10.6.3 or later
- If you are not able to update your Final Cut Pro to the latest version, please check out this free software to convert your plugins to your current version.
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