Ultimate Letterbox Pack - Final Cut Pro

Ultimate Letterbox Pack - Final Cut Pro

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Ultimate Letterbox Pack exclusively for Final Cut Pro.

Save time, effort and processing power with this extensive preset pack.

21 adjustable, cinema-grade letterbox / film matte templates housed inside FCPX as a plugin (not a PNG layer that needs to be dragged in like most letterbox templates - adding a PNG layer above your project affects processing power and slows down your edit).

Ultimate Letter Box Includes the Following in HD, 4K and now 8K Resolution:

- 200 Panascope & RED
- 235 Cinemascope
- 239 Theatrical & Blu-Ray
- 255 Vintage Cinemascope
- 275 Ultra Panavision 70
- 300 Extreme Scope
- 400 PolyVision

Download comes with step-by-step install instructions. 

Compatible with projects up to 8K.
Compatible only with projects in 16x9 aspect ratio.

System Requirements:
- Please ensure you are running FCP 10.4.7 or above 
(available as a free update on the app store)

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It's very simple! Please watch our video installation guide:

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Do these work with Adobe Premiere Pro?
The majority of our products are designed specifically for Final Cut Pro X. Though our Overlays and LUTs are compatible with any editing software. We are working on developing products specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro too, sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Does what it says

I used to use PNG letterboxes but they would slow down my edit having a PNG running across my whole project. The adjustment layer is much less processor-heavy and makes my edits run smoother. Cool!

Kind of got to have these

Not the most excitigint thing in the world, but they have added a really cinematic quality to my edits. I like 235 cinemascope. Don’t need 8K just yet but I guess its futureproofed!