Overlay Bundle Pack

Overlay Bundle Pack

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Introducing the Overlay Bundle Pack! Incredible value - Save 40%! Compatible with Final Cut Pro X, and all other editing software.

70 stunning, professional-grade, organically captured light leaks, film burns and refraction overlays captured in 4K 60fps!

Pack includes:

- Subtle Light Leak 4K60fps (9 variations)
- Cool Legacy Refraction 4K60fps (13 variations)
- Flame Legacy Refraction 4K60fps (9 Variations)
- Red Hot Legacy Refraction 4K60fps (7 Variations)
- Sizzling Film Burn 4K60fps (9 variations)
- Warm Film Burn 4K60fps (11 Variations)

Download comes with step-by-step install instructions. We recommend setting blend mode to "screen" for desired effect.

Compatible with projects up to 4K resolution.

How do I Download & Install plugins?

Please watch the short tutorial above to see a step by step guide on how to download and install our plugins.

Please see PDF #1 in your download pack, this clearly identifies where you need to install your new plugin. If you are unfamiliar with how to install FCPX plugins, then PDF #2 has step by step instructions on how to locate or create the correct folders. 

How do I install LUTs into Final Cut Pro X?

It's very simple! Please watch our video installation guide:

I don't see my plug-in in Final Cut / Its not working / I see a red warning screen!?
Rest assured there is nothing wrong with our plugins! There is a simple fix if you are seeing these results. There are generally only two reasons your plugins are not working.

1) The most likely is that your version of Final Cut is out of date. Our plug-ins are designed to be used with Version 10.4.8. Please update your version of Final Cut. This is available as a free update on the Apple App store.

2) You have not installed the plug-in into the correct folder. Please follow the instructions included in your download, being careful to place them in the correct folder as outlined in PDF #1 (either; "Titles", "Effects", "Transitions" or "Generators")


Are the free plug-ins really free?
Yes our free plug-ins are 100% free. All we require is an email link at checkout to send you the download link. If you like what you see, then we hope you'll consider making a purchase!

Do these work with Adobe Premiere Pro?
The majority of our products are designed specifically for Final Cut Pro X. Though our Overlays and LUTs are compatible with any editing software. We are working on developing products specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro too, sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know.


The discount code is not working
Some of our discount codes have a time expiration or do not work in conjunction with another discount which may be applied to your product. Sign up to our mailing list where we send regular discount codes.

I would like to swap my product for another one / a refund
Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital products we are unable to offer swaps or refunds. Please see our refund policy for more information. If you are unhappy with your product, please let us know why so we can try to improve next time.

Customer Reviews

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Yes very good

That’s what I’m talking about

Was going to buy two then saw the price and thought might as well get the bundle. No regrets! Good job FCPX!

Bought these and tried out today

Lots of Nice shots, cheap too

Great value

Beautiful clips, made great overlays. Good saving!