Apple Just Made Final Cut Pro X FREE (for 90 days)

Apple Just Made Final Cut Pro X FREE (for 90 days)

The rumours are true. Something good has actually come out of coronavirus and Apple have officially extended their free trial period of Final Cut Pro X from 30 days to 90 days. Even allowing current trial owners to extend by a further 2 months.

The move follows companies like Adobe, who have extended an olive branch out to the creative community by delaying their payments for up to three months. Something we're certain the creative community thanks them for.

Normally priced at $300, Final Cut Pro X can be a hefty one off investment for the small time creator, but this move by Apple will surely take the sting out of it. Giving creators the time they need to work up the skills and decide whether the program is right for them.

We're firm believers in reaching out to the creative community and helping them through times of need and applaud Apple for this move. There rumours that Apple was planning on extending their trial of Logic Pro X to 90 days too have also just been confirmed!

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