2024 Top 10 Free Plugins for Final Cut Pro

2024 Top 10 Free Plugins for Final Cut Pro

When editing in Final Cut Pro, it's important to know that plugins can greatly improve the abilities of the program. Sometimes these can be kinda expensive though! And well, everybody loves a freebie. Here at FCPX Full Access we're no different and we know its important to try before you buy. While free products can sometimes be limited in their functionality, at the very least they can often give you a good idea of whether a plugin is going to meet your needs or not.

We've compiled our top 10 favourite free plugins from FCPX Full Access. Check it out:

1. Free LUT Pack

Topping out the list is the word on every editor's lips right now; LUTs! Short for "Look Up Table" or "Color Look Up Table", these handy little files can add a cinematic edge to your footage in a matter of seconds. This free LUT pack comes with 15 free cinematic LUTs, perfect for any editor looking to add a professional touch to their footage. DOWNLOAD HERE.

2. Free Zoom Transition Pack

Zoom transitions are one of the most popular transitions with editors. Used too much and they can be an eye sore, but used just right in the right moments, these transitions can feel completely seamless. Popularized by creators like Sam Kolder, Nainoa Langer and Taylor Cut. This free pack from FCPX Full Access includes 20 professional zoom transitions. DOWNLOAD HERE.

3. 3D Space Adjustment Tool

Not to be underestimated, this small but powerful plugin will help you create amazing visuals, manipulating 3D space and giving your 2D films real depth. A great tool for the editor looking to take their films further. DOWNLOAD HERE.

4. Free Adjustment Layer

So this one, might not seem like a big deal, but it is. I promise you. Once you start using adjustment layers, you will never go back. What is an adjustment layer I hear you ask?! It's simple, its an empty title file that you can apply above your edit. Any effect that you put onto that empty title file will effect everything beneath it. Its an amazing time saving tool and something you can't live without once you start using it. DOWNLOAD HERE.

5. Free Animated Arrows

Ever needed to point something out? Literally??! These arrows will do just that. A mere a taster of the huge Pro Animated Arrows Pack, but this will get you going and get you used to the process of using the Keyer effect to remove any green screen. Better yet, because these are overlay files, there's no installation and they're compatabile with every editing software. DOWNLOAD HERE.

6. Free Flat Color Profile Correction LUTs

The pack you didn't know you needed until just now. Most filmmakers tend to shoot in flat color profiles. This allows the most control when it comes back to the edit and gives you the most room to work with the color. The problem is, most LUTs just come prepared for standard color profiles (not flat footage). This HUGE utility LUT pack allows you to apply the correction LUTs to bring your flat profile footage back to a level that you can apply standard LUTs. Neat!! DOWNLOAD HERE.

7. Free Basic Light Ray Generator

Build spectacular lighting conditions for your footage, adding an edge that was missing before with this simple and effective tool. DOWNLOAD HERE.

8. Free Motion Blur Starter Pack

Motion Blur is one of those things you don't notice until it's not there. The best way to describe the effect it creates is just... Smoothness. Everything feels natural. Your edits will thank you later. This pack is just the starter pack for the full Pro Motion Blur Pack, but will get you started in the world of motion blur. DOWNLOAD HERE.

9. Free Image Shift Transition

This wild transition style will blow the minds of your audience. Shifting the image all which ways with its unique pixel shifting algorithm. A free sample of the Pro Image Shift Transition Pack, but who doesn't love a free sample? DOWNLOAD HERE.

10. Free VHS Transition

Last but not least, the VHS Transition has become incredibly popular in recent months. As footage reaches new heights of resolution, 4k / 6k / 8k, the style is to make your footage as lo-fi as possible. These VHS Transitions will bring you right back to the 90s, like you're watching some glitched out VHS at home with your parents. Make sure to check out the full Transition Pack after you have a go with these, there are tonnes of transitions to play with! DOWNLOAD HERE.

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