How to Download Final Cut Pro for FREE!! (100% Legal)

How to Download Final Cut Pro for FREE!! (100% Legal)

We've all been there... You're ready to take video editing to the next level and convinced that Final Cut Pro is the program to do it with. So, after some contemplation and weighing up software options you take an innocent trip over to and immediately notice the price tag... $299.99 (GULP!)

That's a heavy price tag for something that may just be a hobby at this stage. And may be enough to put you off the idea.

Well, fear not. Apple have you covered!

Since COVID-19 turned the world upside-down, Apple extended an olive branch out to the creative community and extended their free trial of Final Cut pro from just 14 days to THREE ENTIRE MONTHS. 100% free.

You can download your free 3-month Final Cut Pro trial now here:

Three months is the perfect amount of time to really figure out if Final Cut is seriously for you and worth the price tag. And best of all, every single one of our plugins works with the trial version and will continue to work with your full version if you decide to take the plunge. Effects, Transitions, Titles and LUTs.

Why Adobe Premiere is worse value for money...

What we will say about the price tag is, although yes $299.99 is a lot of money for Final Cut Pro, it is a one off payment. The one-off price offers lifetime access to regular updates and full compatibility with any future MacOS updates.

When you compare that to Adobe Premiere for example, which is $31.49 per month (EVERY MONTH), Final Cut proves to be the more cost effective option in just ten months.

Keep in mind that, to own Adobe Premiere, it will cost $377+ every single year. And there is nothing to stop Adobe increasing their prices either.

We love the one-off payment method from Apple and we also love them for letting users try their software for 3-months. You guys rock!

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